Aside from the fact they both have a lot of wood?

Nothing. However, a Knoxville based company found the same chemical compound which protects the legendary violin and gives it the signature sound can also protect your home from termites. Now, that’s not to say you should go scraping up a Stradivarius to save your home from from pests, but the crystalline structure of Borate Salt used on the violin also kills termites, carpenter ants, and wood boring beetles. The South Knox County-based, Nisus Corp., built a worldwide corporation based on using the borate salt applied directly to the wood as not only a preservative, but a pest control measure. As you can imagine, Nisus mainly focuses one primarily wood-based structures such as log cabins, but since the discovery of the pest control aspect, Nisus’ products can be found in every state, Canada, and eight other international markets. The best part, Nisus is registered with the EPA as a low toxicity pest control meaning it’s safer for children and pets. According to the company, the compound is no more dangerous than table salt. The product is best applied while the home is under construction, but is still effective on existing houses. More information on Nisus can be found on their website.

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